Reviews / Testimonials

My house has never been so clean!! This was a winning crew. I thanked them for their thoroughness. I did not ask for anything. They just swept in and moved with such focus and coordination that it amazed me. Many thanks
Cheryl J. McKinney, TX
July 5, 2018
The crew was fantastic. Prompt, extremely thorough, and easy to communicate with. Thank you!!!
Mindy H. McKinney, TX
June 29, 2018
I love that they picked up and put stuff away, they put shoes in the bin, I love it! With kids I don’t want to spend hours before cleaning when they are coming to clean
Brenda C.   McKinney, TX
All in all, you do a great job! I’d say 5 stars!
Marty B.   Plano, TX
The day the cleaning team comes to my house is the best day of the week.
Karie S.   McKinney, TX
It is amazing how much better y’all are than another service we were using for a while. Y’all get the details cleaned so much better than they did.
Brian L.   Celina, TX
April 21, 2018
Team does a great job, very satisfied!
Theresa L.   McKinney, TX
Overall great job! I was impressed with the bathroom, glass and everything was spotless.
Josh N.   McKinney, TX
You do a good job - it’s my favorite day of the month, to come home to the entire house clean
Melinda H.   Blue Ridge, TX
Talk about amazing customer service and going the extra mile! I could not have been happier. They did a way better job than I could have done myself. I will definitely be using these Services again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you for taking the time to be my hero for the day!
Tiffany C.   McKinney, TX
June 02, 2018
Dave V.   McKinney, TX
The cleaning has been great. I love coming home to a clean house with a great smell!
Laurel R.   Melissa, TX
You are the go to people for house cleaning.
Mark T.   McKinney, TX
I am very likely to recommend, you already do my neighbors, yes, I always recommend!
Heather L.   Allen, TX