Hiring Process

We Start by only hiring the best people.

Are you a "Best Person"?

"Best People" are deep down good people. No matter their skill set, situation, or experience we would rather hire a good-hearted person with a smile on their face and train them than the most experienced grump. 

Hire the best people.jpg

Best people:

  • are happy, friendly & courteous (Greets customer by name with a smile on their face)
  • create memorable experiences that "WOW" by going above and beyond to make people feel special through personalized and detailed service
  • work hard and produce consistently high-quality work
  • are anticipatory of others needs
  • are a problem solver
  • are relationship builders that connect and engage with people
  • continually innovate and improve
  • own their own wrongs (do not pass blame) and are proactive to fix them