Window Washing / Window Cleaning

Window Washing / Window Cleaning


Premium Home Window Detailing by Hand

Natural light pouring into your beautiful home is a thing of wonder. How it glistens, gleams, reflects and seems to dance around. Light sets the ambiance of your home and can either make your home feel inviting or dreary.

Over time exterior glass gathers airborne particulate (dust / pollution), waterborne minerals (sprinkler hard water), bug / pest debris and prevents sunlight from penetrating your windows in all of it's glory. For this reason window cleaning has become a necessary part of regular home maintenance that is often done 2 to 3 times a year.

In order to restore your windows to their natural sparkling state we have forgone the streaking water, imperfect squeegees, and the sub-par cleaners. Instead we have chose to select only the finest professional cleaners, hand wash each window with a surgical grade towel, and razor blade stuck on grime.  This method ensures the cleanest, most streak-free windows to make your home look better than ever.

*Exterior Window Cleaning can be purchased as a stand-alone service or packaged with interior window cleaning.

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What is Included?


Window Detailing

Hand cleaned with professional grade cleaners & surgical towels

Remove cobwebs & non-active wasp nests / daubers 

Razor Blade stuck on debris (as needed)

Window integrity inspection

Hand wash screens

Clean all 3 window tracks and frame


Our pricing is based on the number of windows and home height.  While we are happy to conduct an on-site visit to determine your exact number of windows and give you a fixed price quote, below is guidance on what is considered a window should you be looking to ballpark the cost.

A single window is defined as:

  • an operable window (top and bottom) or (side by side)


  • a singular fixed pane window fully contained by a frame (grille, grid or muntin bars do not divide the window into additional windows)