Weed Control / Weed Removal

Weed Control / Weed Removal


Weeds are a nuisance and eye sore that detract from the beauty of your landscaping. Weeds can choke out grass and other plants due to their ability to grow extremely fast and deplete the nutrients your plants need to stay healthy. Whether you have weeds in your lawn, in your flower beds or sprouting out of the cracks of your pavement our experts will develop the proper treatment plan to ensure maximum weed control without impacting the health of your grass and flower beds. When herbicides are not a viable option we use the tried and true method of hand pulling to ensure your lawn and flower beds always look their best.

*Weed Control can be purchased as a stand-alone service, packaged with Weekly Lawn MaintenanceMulching, or Fertilization.

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Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are customized to your landscaping's exact specifications.  There are a many variables to play into the proper treatment of your particular weed situation. Grass variety, the types of plants and trees near the infected areas, and the types of weeds being battled. Our experts have the ability to quickly assess your unique situation and develop the proper "battle" plan.

A typically weed control schedule:

  • Early March (Pre Spring) Pre-emergent
  • Mid June (Late Spring) Pre-Emergent
  • Early September (Fall) Pre-Emergent
  • Year-round Post-emergent (herbicide) and Hand Pulling as needed