Professional Mulching

Professional Mulching


In Texas, mulch is typically applied twice a year to maintain its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.  The first application is usually done near the end of March or early April to keep the soil cool and moist to promote growth.  The second application is typically done in mid to late fall to rejuvenate the look and insulate plants for winter.

Our Professionals will keep your yard looking beautiful - knowing exactly where and how much mulch to apply to receive the maximum benefit and aesthetic value.

*Mulching can be purchased as a stand-alone service or packaged with Weekly Lawn Maintenance

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    Improves soil structure and environment

    • Encourages plant growth
    • Improves soil's ability to retain nutrients
    • Protects plants from temperature extremes
      • Drought Resistant
      • Freeze Resistant
    • Supplies microorganisms beneficial to plants


    • Reduces the need for irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides
    • Weed Control
      • Prevents weed seeds from germinating
    • Conserves water
      • Reduces erosion allowing an increased amount of moisture able to permeate the soil
        • Reduces water loss and nutrient leaching
      • Keeps moisture stable
        • Fluctuations in moisture can damage tender roots

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