Bush, Shrub, Hedge, Tree Trimming

Bush, Shrub, Hedge, Tree Trimming


Landscaping adds natural beauty to your home. Straight hedge lines, pops of color, and sculpted decorative plantings boost curb appeal. However, without proper care your landscaping may start looking more like a jungle.

Ornamental bushes and shrubs require seasonal trimming to keep their shape and prevent overgrowth. Trees, without proper limb trimming, can encroach walkway and start to look more like bushes than trees.  Our professional trimming services know each plant species needs and treat them the individual attention they deserve to keep the outside of your home looking beautiful.

*Trimming can be purchased on an as needed basis or packaged with Weekly Lawn Maintenance

** No job is too big! Have years of overgrowth?  Give us a call for a quote on a one time abatement or brush control.

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Set it and Forget it

Add trimming to your weekly lawn care and never have to worry about scheduling trimming.  Each visit we will analyze your trimming needs and take care of them on the spot to keep your landscaping looking prim and proper.